Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

This internationally accredited Green Belt Certification ignites passion for process improvement, unlocking professional growth and making a meaningful impact. It equips individuals with both Lean and Six Sigma tools to transform organizations, reduce costs, and eliminate defects. It opens doors to exciting career opportunities and signifies dedication and expertise. This Green Belt Certification transcends industries, empowering change agents to revolutionize processes and inspire a culture of continuous improvement. It's a steppingstone to advanced certifications, driving transformative initiatives and unleashing full potential. Our Green Belt Certification is a call to action, a chance to make a lasting difference and experience the profound impact of driving excellence. Purchase today to start your journey to change.

Riaan Du Plooy | Author Level 5

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What you will learn

  • Fully Online - No Project Required!

  • DMAIC Problem-Solving

  • Standard Work

  • Over 12 Hours of Narrated Video

  • Printable Workbook

  • Project Management

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Leadership Development

  • Interactive Exercises

  • University Standard

Obtaining a Green Belt certification can enhance your career prospects, as it demonstrates your ability to contribute to process improvements and quality enhancement within an organization and in your personal life.

This comprehensive Green Belt Certification empowers candidates to transform organizations, reduce costs, and drive excellence in process improvement. It opens doors to exciting career opportunities, signifying dedication and expertise in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

No project required for certification!

Included in your 365 days access to materials: English subtitle narrated videos, 50+ Templates and One Point Lessons (How to guides) and Workbook with examples, exercises and case studies.

Virtual coaching available to candidates globally. Internationally accredited by the CSSC, you will receive your certification after successfully completing the Final Exam with a pass rate = 70%

Here's a breakdown of what this certification involves:

Lean Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma is a structured problem-solving methodology that combines two distinct approaches: Lean, which focuses on eliminating waste and improving efficiency, and Six Sigma, which emphasizes reducing defects and variations in processes. This methodology is widely used in various industries to improve processes, increase quality, and reduce costs.

Green Belt Level: Green Belt certification is one of the levels within the Lean Six Sigma certification hierarchy. It typically falls below Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels but above Yellow Belt. A Green Belt practitioner is trained to lead and support process improvement projects within an organization.

Curriculum: (See attached) A typical Green Belt certification program covers various aspects of Lean Six Sigma, including:

DMAIC: The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology is the core framework used in Lean Six Sigma projects. Participants learn how to apply DMAIC principles to real-world process improvement initiatives.

Software agnostic Statistical Tools: Green Belt candidates are trained in the use of statistical tools and techniques to analyze data and identify root causes of problems in Microsoft Excel format. NO MINITAB!

Process Mapping: Understanding and documenting processes is crucial to Lean Six Sigma, so Green Belts often learn how to create process maps and identify areas for improvement.

Project Management: Green Belts are equipped with project management skills to lead and manage improvement projects effectively.

Certification Exam: To earn Green Belt certification, candidates need to pass a certification exam that assesses their knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles and their ability to apply them to real-world scenarios. This is the best certification available anywhere - 100% online, supported with virtual coaching from our Master Black Belts when required!

Contact us at infoa@cannsult.org if you need more information today!

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14 Reviews

Sanjukta Sen

5 months ago

"Focus on the customer. ... Map the value streams to understand the work process. ... Manage and improve the process flow. ... Remove non-value-added steps and waste. ... Manage by fact and reduce variation. ... Involve and equip people in the process."

Sally Fereday

5 months ago

Fantastic Course - Thorough, with excellent downloadable tools - Highly Recommend! Riaan and Clare are extremely knowledgeable course tutors, and having two people delivering the training keeps the content engaging, especially with their relaxed delivery style and sense of humour. Lectures are thorough, in-depth, and supported by graphics, work books, and a truly remarkable range of downloadable tools, templates and Excel spreadsheets, that I'll definitely be using going forward. The speed of delivery is just right, and you are able to work through at your own pace. After this training, I feel well equipped to perform as a green belt, at high level, in any industry or sector. Highly recommend.

Safiuddin Tajammul

5 months ago


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