Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification - 5 Why and Fishbone Diagram

1. Valuable Skills: Problem-solving with 5 Why & Fishbone diagrams (Ishikawa) 2. Yellow Belt Framework: Plan-Do-Check-Act & Root Cause Analysis 3. Green Belt Contributor: Support In-Depth Projects with Critical Thinking

Riaan Du Plooy | Author Level 5

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What you will learn

  • Yellow Belt

  • Primary Problem Solving

  • Root Cause Problem Solving

  • Fishbone Diagram

  • Ishikawa

  • Problem Solving at Source - Awareness

  • RCA

  • 5 Why

  • Streamline Processes

In the next 3 hours, you will learn:
- How to apply basic problem solving to the most common and persistent problems in both your professional and personal life!
- Streamline your processes and systems to reduce waste and make your surroundings more pleasant.
- Templates supplied, demonstrated and case studies presented in a modern way to ensure you understand and have the tools to solve problems to root cause.
- 365 Days access to Materials, Templates, Narrated videos, One Point Lessons and Workbook that you will not find anywhere else!

This course provides the candidate with the necessary training, templates and tools to execute very valuable and necessary skills as an up-and-coming Leader:
1. Problem solving through proven methods such as the 5Why concept, and the Fishbone diagram (Ishikawa). Using this Yellow Belt framework, incorporating the Plan-Do-Check and Act framework and supplied templates, you will be able to individually and collaboratively solve common issues to Root cause at the source before it becomes a Green Belt project.
2. Support and participate in more in-depth problem-solving projects as a valuable Green Belt team member and contributor, bringing critical thinking and talents to the team dynamic.

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14 Reviews

Charlotte Benoiston

1 month ago

Really interactive and interesting course! I fully recommend it

Carlos Ortiz

5 months ago

Great course. I was very pleased with how the topics were clearly explained. The examples given were very helpful in understanding how the different tools within Lean Six Sigma can be used. The material introduced in each chapter was easy to grasp. I highly recommend this learning course as a stepping stone towards professional achievement.

Sanjukta Sen

5 months ago

"As with the White Belt Course, this was easy to understand material. I appreciated the engaging styles of Riaan and Clare. It made it a breeze to login and complete the work."

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Riaan is a dynamic leader, coach, facilitator, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years of hands-on experience driving business results. Riaan is highly skilled and has worked across diverse industries internationally. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Riaan started in the major breweries and bakeries in South Africa and was so dedicated to his work that he was often known to take his work home with him.


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