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The Gemba Walk! This 30-minute short course on the Gemba Walk in Lean Six Sigma can help individuals or teams understand the principles and techniques of this important practice for process improvement and waste reduction. The Gemba Walk involves going to the actual workplace to observe, understand, and improve processes. Includes: Narrated video, Workbook, Templates & One Point Lesson! This short course is designed to provide a practical understanding of the Gemba Walk in Lean Six Sigma and how it can be used to identify opportunities for process improvement, reduce waste, and engage teams in continuous improvement efforts.

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What you will learn

  • Gemba Walk

  • Ask why (the 5 Whys technique)

  • Preparing for a Gemba Walk

  • Analyzing Gemba Walk Data

  • Go and see for yourself

  • Show Respect

  • Conducting a Gemba Walk

  • Take Action!

Course Content:

Introduction to the Gemba Walk

Explanation of the Gemba Walk and its significance in Lean Six Sigma.
The concept of "Gemba" (the actual workplace) in process improvement.
Key Principles of the Gemba Walk

Understanding the core principles:
Go and see for yourself
Ask why (the 5 Whys technique)
Show respect to people
How these principles guide Gemba Walks.

Preparing for a Gemba Walk
Identifying the process or area to be observed.
Setting clear objectives and goals for the Gemba Walk.
Planning and scheduling the Gemba Walk.

Conducting a Gemba Walk
Practical steps and techniques for conducting a Gemba Walk, including observation, interaction, and data collection.
Building rapport with employees and process operators.
Hands-On Gemba Walk Practice

Participants engage in a simulated Gemba Walk, applying the principles and techniques learned.
Review and discussion of observations and insights.

Gemba Walk Tools and Documentation
Introduction to tools for documenting Gemba Walk findings (e.g., checklists, photos).
Effective note-taking and data collection during Gemba Walks.

Analyzing Gemba Walk Data
Techniques for analyzing and interpreting Gemba Walk data to identify improvement opportunities and waste.
Root cause analysis of observed issues.

Implementing Gemba Walk Insights
Strategies for translating Gemba Walk findings into actionable improvements.
Creating an action plan and involving the team in the improvement process.

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