The Fishbone Diagram

This 1-hour short course on the Fishbone Diagram, also known as the Ishikawa or Cause-and-Effect Diagram, in Lean Six Sigma can help individuals or teams understand how to use this tool for root cause analysis and problem-solving. The Fishbone Diagram is a valuable visual tool for identifying and categorizing potential causes of a problem. Includes: 365 days access to: English narrated video, Workbook, Templates and One Point Lessons! This short course is designed to provide practical guidance on the Fishbone Diagram in Lean Six Sigma and how it can be used to identify and analyze potential root causes of problems.

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What you will learn

  • Fishbone

  • Solve 80%+ of your problems!

  • Fishbone Diagram Structure and Components

  • Key Concepts in Root Cause Analysis

  • Simple problem solving technique

  • Creating a Fishbone Diagram

  • Cause-and-effect relationships

Course Content:

Introduction to the Fishbone Diagram

Explanation of the Fishbone Diagram and its significance in Lean Six Sigma.
The role of the Fishbone Diagram in root cause analysis and problem-solving.

Key Concepts in Root Cause Analysis
Understanding key terms and concepts:
Root cause vs. symptoms
Cause-and-effect relationships
Categories of potential causes (6Ms: Manpower, Methods, Materials, Machinery, Measurements, Environment)
How these concepts relate to the Fishbone Diagram.

Fishbone Diagram Structure and Components
Overview of the Fishbone Diagram structure, including the "head" (problem statement) and "bones" (categories of causes).
Common categories used in Lean Six Sigma Fishbone Diagrams.

Creating a Fishbone Diagram
Step-by-step instructions for creating a Fishbone Diagram:
Identifying the problem or effect
Selecting appropriate categories
Brainstorming potential causes
Organizing causes on the diagram
Adding details and specifics

Hands-On Fishbone Diagram Exercise
Participants work on creating Fishbone Diagrams for sample problems or scenarios.
Review and discussion of the diagrams.

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